Malika #19

Malika #19

Roye Okupe


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Volume 4 (Fallen Queen Part Two) picks up where Volume 3 (Fallen Queen Part One) dropped off as Malika gets dealt the worst news imaginable. Her grandmother is, in fact, the Grandmaster of the Order of the Olon Jin—A sect of dark deities that have plagued humanity for thousands of years. As the Olon Jin draw nearer to completing their diabolical, "end of days," plot with the help of Hasan Bakwa, who just happens to be Malika's nephew, Malika tries to embrace her newfound Divine Powers to stop them. But she need not do it alone. Eliza Mantel, aka FireFrost, has finally come into her own as a bonafide dragonblood—humans who have been gifted the powers of ancient Divine dragons. Together, they must find a way to finally end the Divine Wars that has ravaged the earth from the shadows for so long. A feat that even the Divine One's themselves failed to achieve.




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